Tuesday, April 10, 2012


They ought to make in-betweening an approved form of "enhanced interrogation". I bet it's cheaper than waterboarding. 

Anyway, how do you make a snail intimidating? Imagine this sort of Gigantic Snail in the mountains, and it's got fire on its back. Sure that fire looks hot, and sure the thing makes mountains look like your backyard anthill, but any immediate sense of intimidation is mitigated by "when was the last time you were outrun by a snail".

 These are people I see around the school. I know some of them, but others I don't. I hope no one recognizes themselves or anything. That'd be pretty awkward, no?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I'm Mongolian Throat Singing in the Elemental Plane of Fire! I'm Mongolian Throat Singing in the Elemental Plane of Fire! What a Wonderful Feeling, I'm Burning Again!

Continuing in the vein of creature design ideas, here's another one from class. It's a mix of a Gomphotherium (one of the ancestors of the modern elephant), an actual elephant, some kind of crustacean, and the basic anthropomorphic form. It survives off what little vegetation it manages to dig from the ground, snapping tougher roots with its claws. Food is scarce, however, as it lives in a world where there are no backgrounds.  

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

So he says:" Hey wait a minute, I had a drink with a hero left in man last week!"

This week's life drawing session was one of the most enjoyable in class experiences I've had this year. No one is likely to ever see it, but the "Titty Monster Boob Tower" (TM) was tremendously fulfilling to draw. 

There were a few other ideas too. One was this thing. He's some kind of cross between a turtle, a crab, a scorpion and Thane. He lives in a highly desaturated version of Roger Dean world, where he ekes out a bare and simple existence fishing beneath giant stone arches.