Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jean Pierre de la Funk

Boy, I certainly do enjoy drawing characters that aren't my own. Like a careless scythe in someone else's wheat field I am! Surely nothing can be a more sublime expression of my counter culture, anti-establishment inner renegade!

Figure I'd make this week's quota with a few (okay two) sketches. I've been itching to do some proper fanart for a while. Top is SCP-682, from Fascinating concept, I've been toying with the idea of what it looks like for a while now. As far as I can tell, it's just a big lizard that's really, really menacing. That's a lot of creative leeway, so it's always cool to try and redraw it every now and then. The bottom is ZAH EMPRAH, the leader and God of all mankind. If one puts out of mind the well established series of official paintings made of him, a lot of fun can be had trying to depict the well chiseled visage of the Greatest Human Being Evar.

Even amidst all the studying, and the arduous animating of certain fictitious felines, time refuses to accommodate our suffering. For no man does time relent its merciless flow, forever the icy deluge, uncaring for the desperate throes of mortal animation students. It is a cacophony of avian falsettos, piercing the crisp silence of winter, screaming contempt for the departure of a gently humming summer. Whistling and howling, time is the zephyr that propels itself on the currents of night, dancing at a frenzied vivace upon swollen clouds, cursing its company, a legion of white speckled against deep indigo. 

What I'm saying is that my schedule this semester was cursed by the 9:00AM fairy. FML.  

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Apparently school starts on the 10th, rather than the 11th. That caught me off guard, I thought I would at least get another day to lounge around. 

I wanted to add more detail to this, but I'm getting sort of frustrated with it. The colors really messed me up, as far as contrast goes, and I think I have like eight equally luminous bright spots. I don't think I can diagnose the composition, since the original sketch I made for this wasn't exactly planned well. The design for the train is practically a carbon copy of the Space Pirate Homeworld Train from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. I'd like to say that this was subconscious, and I only realized it afterwards, but to be honest, it's probably just because I'm not very original. The lighting is sort of awkward, too many bright spots in too many places, so it doesn't really have that sense of atmosphere. Perspective's probably off too. Dang. 

I think overall, despite not being entirely satisfied with how things are going, it's a good exercise to post these. It provides a palpable source of motivation, an incentive for working more frequently.

The BW version reveals the really glaring faults with the lighting, and ergo, the entire composition.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Billions And Billions Of Magnets

Man, if Carl Sagan had only been broadcast on PBS in my time, the inspiration I feel from watching Cosmos might have been put to some kind of use. Oh well, more's the pity. 

I've finally gotten some of the more standard art apps to work on my new AHZEUS laptop, so, after a long and arduous period of zero productivity (two entire Space marathons, along with a few days of the annual Holiday Twilight Zone stream), I can finally work again. 

First thing I did to warm up was the OLD digital topic that I had meant to do before I was rendered computerless. It was something like "Ice Queen", or somewhere along those lines. Anyway, what I ended up with has absolutely nothing to do with the topic. The new screen is so bright and so vivid, I just had to try something real colorful, even if they don't really blend very well together. To get back into the knack of painting, I did the entire thing in grayscale before applying color. The focus is still on the face, the brightest and most contrastive part of the painting, but I think everything else is a bit muddied by the color. Some things are too defined, so I suppose I'll need to work on the cohesiveness of a piece in my future endeavors. The design is crap, no comments there. Honestly, after this long of doing nothing, I have actually forgotten the rules of composition, and will need further reference before I can correctly pinpoint what I did wrong.

More productivity ahead, I think. Got a whole host of topics that I've been neglecting to do. That's one out of four New Year's resolutions started. New semester looms in the distance, getting closer all the time.

Comparative grayscale.