Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rose Cougar

A spectre is haunting my reading week- the spectre of animation.

Man, this semester has not been agreeable with my health at all. I have come to the conclusion that having paintings and animations due consecutively AND concurrently is the most sinister expression of physical and mental torment ever conceived. Right up there with pitchforks, boiling cauldrons, and appendectomies.

I have a lot of stuff accumulated from this semester that I'll get to posting eventually, this Pink Panther animation being one of them. It noticeably hiccups at two separate points, so I guess I'll need to fix that. The other stuff kind of looks like what haggis sounds like, but without the "savory, nutty flavour".

I still have an infuriatingly long way to go, and pertaining to the length of said journey, I so mad it's ridiculous.

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