Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I've Heard Enough About The Shepard

My display's on the fritz again. Not only does it mess up color saturation and slow down explorer to a grind, it also rearranges all of my desktop icons Every. Single. Time. I log on. I have no idea what anything I post looks like on a normal screen, but on the bright side, at least I'm not in front of a light table, going slowly and perceptibly insane. 

The kitchen painting assignment is weird in that it was done almost entirely with the lasso tool and gradient. It was also more than 60 layers, so the computer was more or less venting super heated steam towards the end. 

It's pretty obvious now that this pan is less of a pan and more of a tracking shot. It also became obvious that this pan also didn't fit the criteria of the assignment. Since I'm not going to be getting any kind of walk cycle to work on a cityscape, we'll call this a learning experience and weep softly over the mark later.

And sketches (not really). The color of the week is: Purple.


  1. cooooll! that last painting is really cool with the guy and the mask!

  2. Haha, the last guy looks like he's made out of instant noodles :) I love it!