Monday, October 22, 2012


Group B1! From left to right... eh, you can figure it out yourself. 

Note that Izzy and Maria were drawn by the wonderful Maureine Good, who also helped with the coloring. A real credit to the team she is.

And our group logo, designed in 5 minutes on short notice. We are technically the only religious organization to have ever produced a film at Sheridan. I think it's funny, but I'm sure the cabal of lawyers staring at me through my window don't think so. They need to maybe prosecute a chill pill.

Some drawings from the dinosaur show. Funny bit about that, we didn't even draw any of the dinosaurs from the show we payed money for. These are from the permanent collection. The idea is that we'll piss away our money now, while we aren't starving between ramen packets.



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