Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Did Someone Say Sleep?

Or maybe I'm just hearing things. 

Here's those pesky old Royal Winter Fair Drawings. This year's probably notable for the fact that I didn't get a single good study. 

Not a one. 

The sketches I did manage to jot down were so rough that small children passing by would have to forcibly restrain themselves from offering me drawing advice.

It was... quite the sobering experience.

Goat that looked like it's done a few tours in Hyboria.
My subject hates this caricature. 

She had a crazy hairdo.
Only roughly sprited at this point. The pigeons at the fair were out of this world. Will finish eventually

 Tonight, we saw one of the most impressive moonbows I've ever had the pleasure to witness. Every star and every cloud in sight was ringed by this radiant, ghostly yellow halo. It was fantastic.


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