Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Great DQ Tree

Thanks to Charlie for the idea. 
Suppose for a moment, that time was water.

Imagine then, that the span of the Christmas break was a bowl. The time that constitutes that span is the water sloshing in the bowl. 

Now let's assume that Productivity is Shin brand Ramen noodles. These ingredients would be put into the bowl of water, and God willing, become something edible. That bowl of Ramen would be the culmination of a productive break well spent.


Now imagine taking that bowl of water, going to your bathroom, and dumping both the bowl and the water into the toilet. Suppose then that you took the packet of Ramen and rabidly tore at the packaging with your teeth, scattering the ingredients onto the bathroom floor. From your rabidly foaming mouth, you would deposit the shredded packaging into the toilet, and you would flush. Repeatedly.

You do not know why you are doing this, and in your mind, you reel in horror from the inanity of your actions. Yet you do not stop. You are gripped with a compulsion that gurgles from the dark recesses of your subconsciousness, and against the force of its necessity, you can do no more than let out a single, tortured rasp. You step blindly and wildly, crunching the scattered Ramen noodles on the ground like bone dry autumn leaves, as if to make for an exit. Yet still you flush, and flush, and flush... 

That is, I think, one way to describe my break.
It was actually pretty cool otherwise. One of my better Christmas breaks, in fact.

Crazy patterned fish from the zoo.

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  1. The great DQ tree is the funniest thing I've seen in ages, that is perfect