Saturday, April 23, 2011


I've got too many lemons, and I can't hold them all! In all seriousness though, that must have been the best 10 hours of my life ever spent in front of a screen. Did you know that even with meticulous attention to the tiniest of details, we still managed to miss the [spoiler]s on the [spoiler] displays?! Preposterous!

Anyway, this perfectly describes my sentiment towards a year of art education (Actual ART education, wouldjabelieveit?! And a year of it too!). I still regret that Oakville is not a Neo-Liberal enclave of rebellious artists from around the globe under the canopy of a futuristic metropolis, but you can't have everything. If it just had a canal of raw sewage running through it...  

Top is one of the layouts from the Layout Portfolio. I recall saying something about going out with a bang and having an entirely painted portfolio. In retrospect, what I actually did was more of a fizzle, resembling a specter of the static buzz you get from touching unfriendly doorknobs. As such, only one of the layouts were actually worth anything. I adjusted some of colors and lighting as per advice, though it's still a bit monochromatic. The other ones are still very much works in progress that will eventually be fit for presentation, much in the same way that Episode 3 is a work in progress. Heh.

I've got a lot of backlogged work from this semester, but because I haven't had anything particularly important to muse myself with (Each post is like writing a diary entry in a notebook of madness), I haven't posted them. Above is the last character design assignment of the year. I'm still not really sure as to how one judges a character, so I won't try to get too deeply into it. It's supposed to be a phoenix, you see. I just picked the name of my favorite journalist to name the character. He was real close to being called Weegee. 

This entire year, I've apparently made only male characters, so my summer resolution is to practice drawing hourglasses.

And here's something I've forgotten to post. The assignment was to draw some kind of anatomical reference with illustrations and captions. I'm not sure, I didn't read the assignment sheet. This is what I ended up with, though, and I gotta tell ya, it's not doing so much for my chances in the comic industry. There were 6 pages, but to be honest, the extra cheesy dialogue starts being plagued with typos in the 4th page, and the art spirals into oblivion on the fifth. I've saved any perusing eyes the torture.

 It really is extra cheesy. Like a 6 topping pizza, except all the toppings are cheese. Or the moon.

Oh yeah, and I did animation too. It follows my philosophy of starting out lukewarm and then quickly contracting a fine layer of moss. The animation quality goes from sorta decent to not enough coffee after the repeat holds. The sack itself is supposed to be doing a Billie Jean hip thrust, but as a classmate cleverly pointed out, a gelatinous mass cannot hip thrust. Looks like I've got some real issues to iron out over the summer. Live and learn and trudge on through and so forth.

Regarding the entire year though, it's been an experience, to say the least. Cool People in Cool Situations: The Movie is what it was. Ratings weren't that great though, especially from the sleeping a consistent 8 hour per night camp.


  1. lol@ floursack, like the layout and lighting;)

  2. Ending the year with a bang! That layout is lovely