Friday, June 24, 2011

That's So "iPhotographer With No Sense of Composition"

I officially have no academic obligations for the rest of the summer. I've also tailor made a full Paragon save with cross game loyalty to everyone's favorite cerulean waifu in Mass Effect. With these (my two biggest time sinks) out of the way, I can finally finish one of my goddamn paintings/animations/bust of John Wayne. More time to post stuff too. At the moment though, there's a bit of a shortage of things to post, which is why I'm posting these awful iPhotographs, as filler to keep regularity.

I'm no photographer, but you could still kill someone with a blunt knife if you tried hard enough. That is to say, even though all I've got is the smudged lens of my iCamera, I've been lucky enough to sit through a number of breathtaking skylines, capturing them with all the finesse of a syphilitic Bonobo.

These are from Silent Hill appreciation weekend. I tried to come to terms with the psychological anguish of being an over-stressed art student, but I had a painting due. 

They are of particularly awful quality, but if I could photoshop creepy stuff into them later on, it would be totally worth it.

And most of these are just from walking home. Despite its residents' daily attempts to fertilize the pavement with dog poop, Oakville still gets some great skies. It's got some damn liberal pet restrictions though. Seriously.


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