Monday, September 5, 2011

Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily

I spent most of my time abroad this summer, meaning I didn't actually get much drawing done. I brought sketchbooks and pencils and pens and everything, but anyone who's ever tried drawing on a sight seeing boat with 3000 other people loses their interest in art real, real fast. I did, however, discover the fun and exciting way that all the groovy hep cats are reading nowadays: by giving books the electronic middle finger. I think I learned more about Westeros than China this summer, which is just ridiculous.

I did draw some stuff though.

Some sort of Bird Rock Turtle

Henry Kissinger and Stephen Colbert

Some kind of Bat Dinosaur
Random characters

Caricatures of my cousins

An unnecessarily complicated robot

Sorta...messy sketches

Sketches on a Plane


  1. Seriously, man. This is too much awesomeness in one post.
    So, so much of it.

  2. lol slenderman... great rock textures on the bird/turtle thing! LOL

  3. love your passion man! keep pushing hard :>