Saturday, September 24, 2011


For he is the mightiest of the Orc-lords, unchallenged and supreme in his sovereignty. His followers cower beneath the weight of his majesty, and his enemies invariably become opulent feasts for scavengers. He is the conqueror of the men in the northern plains, the bane of the dwarfs under the western hills, and ravager of the elves in their southern forests. With a blood lust and brutality far surpassing even the vilest of his kin, there is no other whose name is whispered with as much fear, whose approach inspires such absolute dread. There is also no other who would put on lingerie war paint, but really, who's going to argue with him?

Anyway, writing meaningless crap like this is incredibly therapeutic for me. It takes my mind off of the heavier burdens in life, like animating waves, failing at storyboards, and other assorted first world problems. On an unrelated note, Urg is apparently one of the more popular monosyllables that people use to name their orcs. Bummer.

The sketches are basically all from Emslie's class about the contrapposto stance. Speaking of which, I also got this kickass caricature from the man himself. It's like he took a photograph of my soul with a col-erase pencil. Totally my new avatar.

"Chanson" is a genre of french music that seems to cover everything that has singing in the French language, but in modernity refers mostly to Sarkozy's-wife type songs (I actually don't know what the hell I'm talking about). There's a diverse range and a unique infusion of culture (like Bossa Nova), with a fine mix of velvety contraltos and satiny sopranos, all backed by Parisian accordions. It's about four clicks from the Cowboy Bebop Wikipedia article, and was a questionable way to spend the evening instead of animating.


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