Sunday, October 2, 2011

But For Me, It Was Tuesday

So when I was about half way through this painting, it occurred to me that being depicted as a Merman With Wings (TM) was not exactly the kind of thing that floats people's boats. In fact, if I was to hazard a guess, I would say that witnessing one's image being distorted in such a manner would likely attribute to their boat being met with an earlier and possibly more devastating end. Functionally, this painting has more in common with your average high yield nautical explosive than any form of caricature. I got the idea from a conversion in our Tuesday Pound Resign Texture, and that's all I've got on the subject.

Yeah, and once again, all these sketches are from Thursday, which seems to be the only day that I can clock in consecutive hours of sketching time. I don't think I even touch my sketchbook on any other day. I meant to have two more paintings ready for this post, but with schoolwork being what it is, both of those paintings currently have about as much form and compositional clarity as a tiled roof covered in pigeon crap...or a Pollock painting (ZING!).

And then there's this. I messed up a lot of the timing towards the end, and went really lax with detailing the splashes. The entire cycle is, on twos, barely two seconds long, which means everything feels rushed. Some of the motion keys don't read at all, and the entire sequence leading from the splash to the repeat is just sloppy as all hell, with all kinds of weird distortions. I wish I had more time to work out the timing issues, but really, c'est la vie.


  1. Great weight lifting studies!! Especially cool that you studied from the Incredibles clip, brilliant idea. I should try doing that.

    ... Is that Jennifer Chambers I see, or am I imagining things?
    I sketch her a lot too, her gestures are quite interesting, haha!

  2. @NPMartin

    Oh wow, yeah, it actually could you tell?