Friday, September 16, 2011

Breaking EveN

I am hooked on a show about drugs, which I guess puts me only a hair's breadth away from watching a documentary about rehabs. 

I haven't done any homework these past few days, mostly cause the wave animation is just kicking my ass. I can't...wrap my mind around it? It's this conundrum that would eat up all my motivation the second I step into a room with anything even remotely resembling a light table. I suppose it'll work itself out eventually, but right now "eventually" has this "in the wee hours of the morning before the assignment is due" kinda ring to it.  

Here's that bear dragon. I'm still working on a way to fit Tim in here, but I'm pretty sure the perspective is off.

The mental patient is my character design for the Spangled Pandemonium, which is inspired (Wait, sorry, what's this "originality" thing you keep jiving on about? Is it some kind of pilates?)
by the Fred Bonaparte design from Psychonauts, in the sense that being bug eyed, lanky and straitjacketed usually invites discriminatory glances from the so called "sane". 

And layouts from the sketchbook. Sort of. Man I can't even pronounce perspective, cut me some slack. 


  1. A show about drugs? Breaking Bad perhaps?

  2. @Christine Biala

    Sup Christine

  3. @Gary Ye

    Haha! Awesome, I love it! Cracked me up so bad. Lol nothing much is happening. Just being nocturnal here on a Friday night. Hope second year isn't kicking your ass too hard!