Friday, November 18, 2011

Animal Drawings, Caricatures and... uh.......... EPA?

The Chalk Talk was enlightening. There's certainly quite a bit to think about, but most of it is just wrestling with the immensity of Animation as a field. In addition to incorporating aspects of academic fine art, we're a combination Theatre/Film Making course. At some point, most of us will have to make some kind of duty call to focus a on particular facet of the program, or else risk being stretched too thin over the options. I guess it boils down to being either a story teller, an actor, or a draftsman, with each requiring a unique skill set. Last night's most daunting presentation was on the intricacies of story telling, with its structural complexity and its symbolic depth. Apparently, good storytellers operate in the abstract almost as much as in the concrete, which is manipulated to a T in order to serve narrative continuity. 


I've got a bunch of sketches for different parts of a futuristic supercity with an Egyptian twist. I'm using them to abuse the Blur filter. Maybe I'll learn something from them. 

This painting still has that really unsatisfactory, unfinished quality to it. Everything just isn't working together. This is something that I hope to iron out with more time and practice.

My last character assignment didn't blow over like I had planned. They're pretty far from stellar. Subterranean, even. I know I certainly didn't plan to work on them at 4 AM on the day they were due, for one. To compensate, here's a painting of one of them. 

Bob Jorn of the Oslo Jorns, PROUD VIKING WARRIOR. 

The best kinds of victories in life are assured victories. Congrats to everyone who drew a bear and a tangram.  At least on this occasion, we have all triumphed over life, beat it into unconsciousness, ruined its credit rating and sold its kidneys to organ snatchers in Acapulco. 

Would it still be called the Royal WINTER Fair, even though it's still autumn? Anyway, animal drawings from the Royal Autumn Fair. I enjoyed not having to draw as much this year, but depressingly, I don't see any notable improvement from last year. I'll need to work harder.

 I play a paragon Vanguard in Mass Effect. He looks like but is not explicitly a certain captain of a certain space faring vessel under a certain interplanetary federation. Commander Jean-Luc Shepard, colonist war hero. He's actually British.