Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Technically, the shark is a commission, but it was commissioned at the totally economically viable price of $0.00 CDN (adjusted for inflation). It's the shark from my storyboard, so I just had fun with it, design be damned. 

Apparently, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2's not entirely lost to the depths of oblivion. Recent tweets have confirmed that there's still hope!

Bastion is a magnificent game. Gorgeous art design, smooth, intuitive controls, smart game play mechanics, and models are made so that they fit the painted art style PERFECTLY. I dig the story telling aspects too, mostly just how the entire thing seems to be one storybook narration (meaning they only needed one really good voice actor, which is a brilliant stylistic and financial decision). The community outreach stuff they did, especially the GiantBomb documentary, is what really gives indie development (it was essentially made by seven people, so I just ignore the giant WB logo) this magical, impossible odds feel.

I also listened through ALL of the podcast Guys With Pencils (thanks Christine) in what was essentially one sitting. Indeed, as I lead this incredibly rich and fast paced lifestyle, I've had time to do a lot of reflecting on the immensity of the content. They're two Sheridan grads who share their workplace experiences, as well as their academic life.Their interviews are racking up an increasingly impressive list of interviewees, all of whom have unique perspectives to share on the entertainment industry in general. TIME WELL SPENT.

I'm also finally actually really making stuff for that 24 hour film I said I was going to do 43 years ago. Above are "character explorations", below are BG's. There isn't really any tangible design in the characters, just like how there really isn't any tangible art style. I'm using this as a chance to get more hands-on experience with Flash, and maybe do a little pixel art. Just experimenting, basically, and hopefully under the 24 hour mark (all the BG's are basically 3 elements copypasted).


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