Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Do We Have a Gold Yet? No?

Until the repair people can get my laptop to function at a temperature above absolute zero, I'm back to wonderful world of open source software. Though this Ming Dynasty Thinkpad is incapable of running Photoshop in any capacity, it does GIMP like a Ferrari. 

I'm not entirely sure what Wilbur is.
GIMP, or as I like to call it, Photoshop for Freedom Fighters, has been updated to 2.8 since last I tried it. I tested the painting features by trying to paint the GIMP mascot, and tried the photo manipulation tools by pasting together a collage of pastel illustrations into Twin Peaks' Red Room. GIMP 2.8 has a more intuitive GUI compared to a year ago, but it's still got that frustrating almost-but-not-quite-Photoshop menu layout. 
Fire groove with me
I only went to one life drawing session this week because of the Olympics, but feel stupid about it since Canada's being outperformed by North Korea.

 I only got one good drawing, 20 min.


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