Monday, August 13, 2012

Breaking Todd and the Excellent Emo McGee

Pastel on newsprint and GIMP, a googol hours
I had this idea that I sketched onto a piece of newsprint on Wednesday, but it looked like abstract barf at the time. Above is sort of what I had in mind, like one of those classic Swamp Thing covers, with the same palette and everything. He was originally gently caressing a flower, but a Google search turned up another drawing with almost the same exact idea, but angrier.

5 min

 Last week of official life drawing classes this week. Do I feel like I've made any progress this summer? I dunno. I'm still only getting about 1-2 decent drawings per session, so that hasn't changed.  We'll see when school starts up again if this summer has done anything for me.


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    1. Thanks dude. That thing about the life drawing is pretty true, isn't it? It forces you to draw, and just the constant drawing helps with damn near everything.