Monday, September 3, 2012

Once More Unto the Breach


 There goes the summer.

A squid headed goddess of death
An avian god of art
A richly adorned, fox headed god of thieves

I made a bunch of pastel sketches based on a random text generator a while back. My final project for the summer was to develop them. Beyond redesigning them, the point of these was to wean myself off of an over-reliance on digital tools.

 The digital painting in this lineup is the thing that frustrated me enough to drop the digital angle. It is decidedly unfinished.

I also have some lore-like snippets written up for these characters. Those I'll have to proofread a little more. There's  A LOT of made up words.

Clouds by my window
This is basically the only study I did all summer. Since I had my laptop reanimated, I haven't been able to get the color settings right, so these could look like... anything, really.

5 min
15 min

10 min
 Last life drawings for the summer. 

This is the same model as the one from the first session of the summer. 


Stuff from the zoo.

 I caved and bought a membership on impulse, so now I have to go to the zoo more, if I ever want to recoup my losses. I'm always sort of hesitant to go to the zoo, since people there treat art students about the same as the animals.

I can't really read it either
Finally, this blasphemy of penmanship. I've been waking up at 3 in the morning and writing whatever comes to my head on this piece of newsprint the entire summer. Between this, a .txt file on my desktop and a few pages of Iphone notes are about 10 to 20 different ideas for the group film. Of these, only about 5 are worth anything, and of those five, only 3 have coherent plot beats. 



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