Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Want To Believe

So I've, uh, updated the background, based on some very helpful suggestions, and I've also layered the pencil test onto it. The animation itself could do with a bit of a polish, though I am very well aware that the only part being graded is the cycle, which appears clear enough. The squid propels itself just a little too fast in the second entry, and the sperm whale also swims a bit too hastily towards the end. More detail would probably help in distinguishing the sperm whale AS a sperm whale, instead of just a swimming blob. The background is a little bit dark, even after contrast and brightness fidgeting, but that may just be because the line quality is a little fuzzy.

I got rid of the hazy shapes in the back, so that there's more open ocean. Got rid of the weird looking smoke, and added another statue to help the emptiness.


  1. I have watched this animation an embarrassing number of times. I-it's so...beautiful.

  2. way to set up the standards.. YA JERK! i like it alot