Thursday, November 4, 2010

With Strange Aeons Even Deer Antlers May Break...Whoops

So when they said that we were supposed to animate sea creatures, I thought "Oh joy! What a wonderful time I shall have concocting the most deliciously maritime background!", more or less in those words. As it turns out, anticipation=/execution, and the background, according to the vague notions I had when I began, needs work.

Those hazy blue shapes in the back, those shapes represent how I wasn't able to think of anything more interesting beyond Corinthian pillars and rocks. The glitter effect, while cool, doesn't work on everything. Maybe rocks, but probably not menacing looking Great Old Ones who look like they were on the receiving end of a particularly festive beauty pageant. There are probably a few issues with composition, potentially due to irregular lighting. The smoke looks really amateurish.

I will definitely retouch/redo this one, uh, eventually. Before the animation is due, I think. Yeah.


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