Thursday, November 25, 2010

Slendermen And Slenderwomen

I've made it my mission to post these classwork assignments as soon as I'm done with them, if for nothing else than consistency. Something my character lacks in spades, by the way. 

This is the facial expression sheet for Character Design class. My character is based on Max Shreck's character, blended with a skrull, a bat, a snake, and the progeny of Clan Nosferatu. Done with one of those really awesome Staedtler mechanical pencils.

Find all the off model details! It'll be like a quick session of Where's Waldo, except Waldo's dressed in drag and The Years Have Not Been Kind To His Figure.

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  1. I saw a print out of this near a computer I was on the other day, its a very interesting design! almost like a grown up version of the bat from Anastasia!