Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bloop Bloop

So this is what I believe I have animated. It's not exactly a squid, nor it is exactly an octopus. I actually animated 8 tentacles, but I made the tentacles a bit too thick in this, so I could only fit 6. Still, that's a good, wholesome number, 6. I'm sure actual squids have much more variety to the various elements of their bodies than what I have decided to include.

I plan on using this as a color key, so that eventually, if I ever want to clean and color my animation, I have a point of reference. The lighting, for the most part, conforms with the background that I had painted for my animation. I was going to do a color key for the sperm whale as well, but I have concluded that since its mostly grey, I'll just use the fill tool. I was actually in the middle of painting it before I totally decided that it wasn't worth the effort.

The big IF is whether or not I have the WILL to color every single frame. Totally not feeling it right now.