Saturday, October 30, 2010

Necrodelineaticon, by Abdul AlHazdrawn

Here's a few pages from the sketchbook. Having 8 weeks worth of material means I have a wide range to choose from. I'm a bit iffy about the whole "posting other people's faces on your blog" thing, so if anyone has objections, those drawings will be down quicker than Han Solo can draw his blaster on a Rodian. I took down some of the personal info stuff on one of the pages as well. That I know for a fact to be an obtrusion to another's privacy.

I can't really judge sketches by composition or contrast, but I suppose that since most of the sketches I've chosen were done in some form of pencil, I should try to expand my use of media. Maybe try out those markers that everyone else seems to have a full set of (Note to self: Ebay myself a set of markers). Doing more studies is also a good idea, as most of these seem to be just doodles. 

Personally, of all the potentially cringe worthy things I've drawn this year, I'm most proud of the cartoon designs for Samus. (Note to self: draw Samus more. Maybe sketch more in general. But definitely draw Samus more)

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  1. Hey Gary! Your sketches are gooohrrrgeous :) THE PRODIGY, lol!

    Nice to see you have a blog now by the way. :D