Saturday, October 30, 2010

You Are Already Dead

Actually, when one scans brown paper, it is important to remember that the paper itself has been lovingly pre-crumpled, and will scan like it was soaked in the Panama Canal and then dried above the Gobi desert during a sandstorm. No way to fix that, unless I get really good brown paper later on.

What I notice about the hand drawings is the lack if visible structure. Sure there's lots of heavy shading, but other than that, there's negligible demonstration of an understanding of structure. Some of these hands could potentially be considered deformed. As the person who drew them, I can also personally attest to how little care I put into some of the fine work. Some of the folds of the skin, some of the placements of the veins, and even some of the lighting seems to be mashed together at random, resulting in some illogical contortions here and there. Also, the foot poses seem limited. That I can account for by my own lack of ingenuity. It did not occur to me to use a mirror for any of the poses. In fact, two of the poses feature identical feet orientation, and only upon further inspection would one find that the big toe on each is positioned differently. The failings here are mostly due to sloppy work, rather than a lack of fundamental understanding of structure. That may be it too, but mostly, I believe it was the sloppiness.


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