Sunday, October 31, 2010

We Live in Hard Times, Not End Times

You know, it's funny. I began the basic block in for this one during the summer, but then, all of a sudden, I lost interest in it. I only shaded one part of one leg, and then stopped altogether. Yesterday (Well, more like early this morning) I finally decided to finish it (after finally finding a mechanical pencil with lead in it). It's on an illustration board.

You see, it's supposed to be a headcrab. However, for whatever reason, I decided that I could probably wing the accuracy bit, so I boldly decided go through the laborious toil that is the Google search for a reference. As long as it has a main carapace and four legs, I thought it should be fine. I had some fun doing the textures on the legs. I think they're rock formation textures. The main shell has some turtle textures, a tangent that I believe stems from this painting of a turtle shell I did a bit back. I'm fully aware that it doesn't actually look like a headcrab, but still.

As far as critique goes, I think I could have gone further with the shading, and brought out the contrast a bit more. Having a pure white background doesn't help it at all. The positioning of the back legs is probably a bit off plane as well, and the whole drawing is probably a bit stiff from the hard outline. I have, however, tied up a very annoying loose end from the summer. That feels good.


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